Not to be one of those people who talks about their dreams, but I’ve had the following two dreams in the past two nights:

1) I have a toddler named Peter. I’m not sure why he’s named Peter, and I’m telling my friends/family/faceless people around me that I don’t think I meant to name him that. They say, “You can’t change his name NOW,” which seems reasonable. I turn around and suddenly he’s Gumby. Lesson: You really can’t turn your back on kids for a second.

2) I’m hanging out with my friends and suddenly realize that I have a wedding ring on my finger. I become really upset and try to get it off, but the ring starts getting smaller and my finger starts getting bigger. I’m extremely panicked until I finally get it off and throw it on the ground. My friends find the entire thing hysterical. Suddenly I see a mall and I proceed to run through it. Lesson: Always walk in malls, and when carrying scissors.

And on the “You Think YOU Had a Bad Day?” front: My mom’s friend had been in a relationship with this guy for five years, and the other day he left her a voice mail saying, “I never want to see you again. Don’t call, don’t email, don’t come over.” Then he took all the gifts she’d ever given him, along with some food she’d made him recently, and put it in a giant trash bag on her front step. Then he left another voice mail saying, “Don’t forget you owe me $100 for the football pool.”

I laughed too, don’t feel bad.

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